Brandon Figueroa Getting in Touch with His Superpower

RealtyNerd agent spotlight by Kay Kikuchi

“I know the map really well,” Brandon Figueroa, a first-year agent at RealtyNerd, says with a smile while wearing his signature eyeglasses.

Brandon’s №1 superpower: his knowledge of NYC’s geography, which he uses to help people navigate the New York rental market and to satisfy his love for interacting with people. He loves to show New York.

After stumbling upon RealtyNerd’s office front (then 25 Realty) in DUMBO, Brandon conducted some quick research and followed his gut. He decided to join the team because the office felt “good,”, “energetic,” and “now.”

Brandon’s time at RealtyNerd has been busy as he shares his knowledge of New York and helps his customers choose the place to call home. After a knocking-it-out-of-the-park summer business season under his belt, Brandon agreed to sit down with me to talk about his experience. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

“So what got you started in real estate?”

This born and bred Brooklynite grew up in an urban area near the elevated subway tracks, imagining where the subway lines could take him and what kind of people he could meet along the way.

After talking to his cousin, a real estate broker in Williamsburg, he decided to give the real estate career a shot.

“I knew the map of NYC really well, and it seemed like something I enjoy so I went and got my license.”

Unleashing the Superpower: “What was your first rental experience like?”

“I LOVED IT,” he said, as his voice brightened with excitement. “I worked with two girls, international students. I got to meet their parents learn about their culture. I really love cultures. It was a lot of fun…I loved the whole thing.”

Although Brandon brims with enthusiasm, he is quite soft spoken. He also holds tight the philosophy of being straightforward with his clients.

“…I often have to educate [my clients] about the city and how things work here…You gotta be straightforward. Tell them what’s available within their budget Otherwise they won’t understand and will have wrong expectations…”

Wasting no time, but not skimping on fun, Brandon works to help his clients avoid feeling overwhelmed by the often-stressful process of searching for an apartment in NYC.

What Complements His Superpower?

His desire to improve.

Brandon agrees with me that he had a running start. He is filled with the drive to learn and improve.

At RealtyNerd, new agents are matched with mentors upon request. Brandon was matched with George Campo, a no-nonsense agent who showed Brandon the real-life ABCs of the rental business. Brandon didn’t shy away from Campo’s direct instructions and no-frills feedback.

“I learned a lot. We’d sit in the conference room and he would listen to my calls…he would tell me do it this way or that. If I did something wrong, then he’d tell me straight up, ‘Don’t do this, but do that. I wasn’t used to that approach but it helped. Very hands on.”

Brandon continued to pick up the phone and make one call after another. With every call he got better.

Brandon also benefitted from having “a friendly competition” with another new agent, a good friend of his who was also mentored by Campo. The competition encouraged him to up his game every day.

How do you spend the down time at the office?

Okay, surely Brandon’s phone is quiet sometimes. How does he spend his down time?

This shy superhero seems to build the concept of productivity in to his down time as well. Asked about his typical schedule and what he did during the quietest time in the office, he immediately pointed out that down time didn’t apply to him.

“I think of down time as ‘investing-in-me’ time. I do things that help me improve.”

What’s Next?

So what’s next for Brandon? He says he’d love to help people buy and sell homes.

With RealtyNerds’ new virtual office system platform, which puts the paperwork and payment process online, Brandon can save the travel time and to and from the office. He can also avoid the administrative headaches of traditional real estate transactions. That means more planning flexibility, which equals more time for his customers.

Brandon can really be all over the NYC map.

And sooner rather than later, he will be wielding his superpower in your neighborhood. Believe it.