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I don’t know what’s really going on at CMC or Yale but it all pales compared to Mizzou. CMC looks like to me like hunting and shaming and making a big deal out of costumes than trying to correct a racist climate. If you all don’t even know what you are for or against and fighting each other, you know you got something missing. If the black community wants to keep their message and fight separate from all the rest — let them. If Asians want a movement, wait your turn and opportunity. Color isn’t color because white is also a color, and so is the rainbow and the rainbow flag, and then we might as well stick up for cat ladies and fat folks. POC isn’t the same as black at the moment in every moment — especially in Mizzou. If anyone at CMC should be mad it’s Mexicans or Justin Beiber fans. Wait your moment is all I’m saying.