Author Tom Huntington’s quest for the Civil War general who won Gettysburg and nearly disappeared from memory

Battle of Midway veteran George Bernstein at the Midway atoll, 2010. US Navy photo

Veterans have lots to tell us if we stop and listen

Mathematical wizardry led to modern sea searches

One scientist did it twice

Cold War rocketship Ithacus would have hauled a battalion of jet-troops anywhere — in an hour

Advanced flying boats would have carried nukes from the sea—but they never really took off

Hiller Rotorcycles could fit inside an SUV—but weren’t fit for service

With a rocket that blasts off after ascending to high altitude

Historic drought might soon open this derelict B-29 to divers

The Brodie system was a high-wire act for aircraft

Steve Weintz

Writer, filmmaker, artist, animator. Former firefighter, archaeologist, stuntman.

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