Assessment 2B: Model/Scale — OMA, Slabs and Columns 3055995

Figure 1.1: 16.5.17 Jussieu Library, OMA

OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture), is a modern architecture firm which conveys a ‘path’ or ‘road’ on the inside of its interiors, through use of slabs and columns, in the form of vertical and horizontal lines. Its overall goal is to highlight the interior space of a building by eliminating any walls, or structures, blocking us from viewing its inside construction. They use a grid like formation to hold and keep their structure stable and conventional. The Jussieu Library (OMA), is an effective example of OMA’s style and work because it is such a seamless design but yet remains intricate in its form. It is what inspired me to construct my model. I wanted to convey my structure as unique, but still meet all the traits of the Jusseiu Library. That’s why I decided to experiment with grids and different materials. I re-designed the UTS Library building so that it is more convenient and is all one continuous path similarly to the Jessieu Library. Each level has a similarity to it which relates to OMA’s overall design and concept. I used balsa wood as my material due to its durability and strength. My choice to use a single slab with ‘ramp’ like structures, leading the user to the next desired level in the library, worked effectively as a vector. Also the use of single columns on all four corners of the library ensured that like OMA, it remained conventional when eliminating the entire facade, but it also allows a user that wants to interact with it on the outside observe it fully.

Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
Iteration 4
Iteration 5
Iteration 6
Final Design: Image 1
Final Design: Image 2
Final Design: Image 3


Figure 1.1: 16.5.17

OMA — Jussieu Libraries Wood Model (1992)