Why Monogomy is outdated.

Monogomy is one of the oldest forms of relationships that has been around for thousands of years. From the ages of Greeks and Romans to now, the digital age, people have been loyal (somewhat) to Monogamy. But why in our modern age , that everything is different from 50 years ago , we still practice it? Should’nt monogomy be abandoned like many of the previous Relationships basics? Back in time , relationships were different. Son’s would kill their Fathers for wealth. Brother’s and sisters’s would marry to keep the bloodline pure. The entire foundation of society were based on Religion and False narrative’s. Why we should abide by these rules still? I understand that the foundation of Family is built on monogomy and our modern society can’t and/or wont embrace fundementaly new rules but we should’nt try to fix and bring up new society norms.

I think the first step into the Trully free life is seperation of church and state. As long as religion is at power, not only we cant have new norms , we wont be able to try to look for new answers. I know the foundations of monogomy are too strong but what im saying is that the new world will not tolerate the old.

Old society norms are trully Doomed.

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