Why we don’t care about About “Trump”

As an Arab Outside the US I’ve been asked a lot by Americans on the internet and the social media about the Arab world reaction to his candidacy and potential presidency. Quite frankly we had a lot of presidents with the “Trump” model that devastated our economy education and sent our countries to hell. But these were dictators we never thought an actual sane human would want a racist vicious to be able to reach to the candidacy through democracy and the well educated, well informed arabs were stunned. We don’t understand his candidacy at all.

However when it comes down to the public the real Arab society nobody cares about Trump or America’s election and that’s for quite the reason. The US handling of the middle eastern area was quite clear bomb, kill and destroy. Whoever it is you end up bombing us. Presidents come and go and the situation is the same, at which point we don’t expect any change of ideology. You will continue to bomb us and we’ll continue to survive. So have fun US and elect who you want. Because only you will live with the consequences of those actions.

Thank you….