When Your Advice is an Investment!

It was a year ago when one of the young graduates asked me an advice about a new business venture that he is planning to bring in to the market.

He looked very energetic and committed. I offered some piece of advice to him which seemed to me appropriate at that planning stage. He called me a week ago, he said "Mohamed, can you please visit my center, I would like to show you something wonderful", I told him that I accepted his invitation.

It was unbelievable, incredible and astonishing to see many offices, more people and organized structure with clear procedures in the center. I asked him “How is it possible for you to make such immense development within a very short period of time". He replied "Your investment was the reason of this tremendous growth". I said "What?” He said while smiling "Your advice has really mentored me to make such development". He added “When you were telling me that advice, you started you speech by saying "I think" but now it is not assumption, it is a reality.