Are University Dorm Prices Too High?

A group of students sharing an apartment in Hamra discuss their struggle with living conditions just to stay next to their universities.

One of the students’ rooms.

“It’s a dump,” said Jessica, who decided to go by another name and stay anonymous due to personal reasons. “I regret ever moving here in the first place,” she continued.

Jessica stressed it’s her financial state forcing her into this.

“It would’ve been much easier if LAU wasn't so expensive,” she said. “My parents are already paying my tuition fees, which alone costs a fortune, why would I want them paying triple what we’re currently paying here?” she proceeded.

The Lebanese American University dorms currently cost $3,235 for male shared rooms and $2,895 for female shared rooms per semester.

“I’m paying $300 where I’m at currently,” said Jessica. “It would be dumb-founded to move to somewhere way more expensive,” she continued.

A clearly dirty bathroom in the apartment.

“I don’t even use the bathroom,” said Lebanese University student, Hala, who also decided to stay anonymous. “It’s too dirty for me to even think of using, so I go all the way to my university to shower,” she continued.

Hala continued to express her distress when it came to lack of functioning water heaters.

“Even if I wanted to shower at home, the water heater doesn’t work, and the water is always freezing,” she said. “It’s still winter, are we expected to just bathe in ice-cold water?” she asked.

A clearly disturbingly dirty stove.

Mira, another student living in the apartment who decided to stay anonymous too, expressed her distress when it came to the cleanliness of the apartment.

“We are all so busy with university work, that it’s so hard to keep up with cleaning and things of the sort,” Mira said. “I mean, look at the stove: does that look like somewhere food can be put on?” she continued.

Another angle of the stove showing it’s positioning on the apartment’s balcony.

She then backed up her claims about not being able to clean.

“Some people might say that we could easily get a maid to do all of this,” she said. “Problem is, not everyone is as privileged as the rest of you,” she continued.

Mira then ranted about the light issue they face.

“We sit in the dark daily for at least two hours,” she stressed. “Not even a generator or anything of the sorts to help,” she continued.

An image of random objects on th floor of Jessica’s room.

Jessica, the LAU student, couldn't help but barge in when the topic of light came up

“Besides, don’t you see? You couldn’t even take a picture of the kitchen because the light doesn’t work,” she said.

A desser that has a huge mess on top of it with drawers that barely work.

This brings us to the question: Do Lebanese universities have no consideration for their students, and are dorm prices too high?