An Introduction, and an action item for a united, more democratic Somalia

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An Introduction

I am the founder and executive director of Somali One, a nonprofit organization that strengthens and promotes peace, stability and democratic governance in Somalia. I have previously served as Political Advisor for United Nations Political Office for Somalia and Senior Advisor for the Consultative Process on elections for the United Nations Somalia Mission. I have also worked with private sector firms in the U.S. and with international organizations including the U.N. Development Programme in Somalia and the World Bank.

Why I am Here

I have joined the community here at Medium because I want to build international support for countering violent extremism in Somalia, and I am looking to the international community for support. This week we launched a petition to make the 2016 elections in Somalia more inclusive, transparent, accountable and fair. The petition, which was not advertised or put on popular Somali websites has been signed by more than 400 people all over the world.

Today, we would like you to join us by signing the petition. It takes less than 20 seconds. Please use this link —

What’s Next?

We are interested in learning more from the community about ways to build support for dramatic change. I am listening.

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