Mohamed Abdirizak with friends and supporters in Minneapolis, MN

Fearless Instead of Fearful

I wish I could say I was unafraid…unafraid of violent extremists, unafraid of what lies ahead for Somalia, unafraid of the outcome of this presidency…but I cannot. I know I’m not alone in my fear, which is comforting, but also troubling. No one should live their life in fear.

We are all afraid of something, but for Somalis, that fear is much greater than many other parts of the world. The fear of getting killed, corruption, our sons getting recruited by violent extremists, our daughters not allowed to reach their full potential because of their gender — it has become everyday life. Yet it’s a life Somalis can no longer endure, and a life I can no longer stand by and watch.

As the saying goes, “Things may get worse before they get better.” Somalis have certainly weathered the worst in recent years, as violent extremism and corruption in our highest levels of government have often prevailed. But I truly believe, we have been through the worst, and a safe, secure, and prosperous Somalia is within reach. That is why I’m here, and why I would like to be your next President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

We must make national reconciliation a priority, and build trust among ordinary Somalis, which is the foundation we need for restoring the fabric of our society and Somali unity. With trust in ourselves and in one another, we can bring back Somali unity, and with Somali unity, we can protect our people, secure our country and achieve prosperity.

I would like all Somalis to be hopeful instead of hopeless, fearless instead of fearful, to feel loved by a country for which they have so much love.

I want the people of Somalia to know they are not alone, that when we all stand together — when we don’t let fear get in the way — the possibilities are limitless. In the end, we can, and will, achieve what’s within our reach: a country that is safe, secure and prosperous for all Somalis.

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