Positive change at the hands of the people

Mohamed Abdirizak greeting campaign supporters.

In an effort to save his own political regime at the risk of impartial elections, President Hassan has granted yet another extension of the presidential election. The latest delay to November 30 is creating even more political unrest and increasing violence for Somalis, which I did not think was possible. We have endured enough famine, war, and poverty, and President Hassan is wrong to further contribute to unrest.

It is disheartening that President Hassan does not practice and support honest government, and that his actions incite greater suffering for Somalis. He has the power to make a change for the better — but he has chosen a path that has led to increased peril for Somalia.

Positive change in Somalia will not occur until we change our government. That begins by holding public officials, both federal and local, accountable. It is a critical pillar in my vision for Somalia to fight corruption and increase accountability starting at the top. I pledge as President, my government will govern honestly and demand honest governance from those who work with me. We will not tolerate corruption, and will empower the citizens’ ability to hold their government accountable.

In the wake of President Hassan’s reign of injustice and dishonesty, we must make national reconciliation a priority, and take immediate action to build trust among ordinary Somalis, which is crucial to restoring the fabric of our society and Somali unity. With trust in ourselves and in one another, we can bring back Somali unity, and with Somali unity, we can protect our people, secure our country and achieve prosperity.

Every Somali citizen needs to join with me in saying we are not going to tolerate corruption, injustice, and dishonest government. With your support and the support of millions of Somalis, in and outside the country, let us stand up for our country to transform it from a country known for its longstanding discord, to a country known for the greatest transformation of all: from a conflict prone state to a state of stability, progress, and prosperity.

Thank you again for your support,

Mohamed Abdirizak

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