How EgyPLStats became a business

Humbleness. Humbleness shaped this company.

A couple of years ago, specifically at cold winter night in my little study corner in Maadi, I had this idea of starting a twitter account solely for stats of the glorious Egyptian Premier League. Why? Because there was none that I know of.

Things went well, lots of support, but I had no time for all the work to be done properly. So I gave Hesham, a friend I knew through KingFut, a call to join the stat train.

Hesham was a better designer, better with Arabic and had the time EgyPLStats needed. Things kicked off!

We started to add to our knowledge of the football analytics world, we were good, real good, compared to what we have in the Egyptian market, but when we signed with ENPPI, humbleness made us take the right decision.

Stepped back and asked who can do a better job than us? Reply was Ali Elfakharany (glad I spelled his name the right way otherwise he’d man handle me).

Fakhrany had a startup too, Talabont, we merged both projects and we were off in the analytics world.

Makasa joined the list of clients, we met up with Ahmed Hossam Mido during his time in Zamalek — who got sacked a few days later so did not get a chance to work together.

Business bloomed, we were putting budgets, hiring people, receiving countless investment proposals. Things were and are going great!

This morning I woke up to create some pieces of content for Arqam, previously known as EgyPLStats, paused for a moment and thought about how I started all this , — which wouldn't be “all this” if not for my partners — and all I can think about is me doing something so simple you wouldn’t even realize how critical to it. Thinking and saying the words “you are much better than me at this.”

So a tip for anyone who’s about to startup a new project, or is even running a big business, having the mindset that you are not the best at what you do will keep you the best at what you do.