It’s been about a decade since the last financial crisis and yet this industry has never been bigger. Legislation meant to better regulate its largest players, has hurt its smaller ones, resulting in most of the industry’s assets to be controlled by the top 1%. They have become too big to fail.

I’m not referring to big banks, but the world of big agriculture.

As a public health practitioner who has worked with small-scale farmers in Rwanda and now as a small food business owner who sits at the intersection between our producers and consumers, I’ve been exposed to the inner workings of one of the most ecologically and economically intensive industry in the world. …

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In the mid-1970s, nearly 45,000 Iranians were studying in the USA. Iran’s economic influence and political relationship with the USA had created an educational bridge between the two nations. …

Today, I am honored to announce that my first TED Talk is available on, alongside the launch of my Kickstarter campaign, which will bring to life the interfaith initiative I spoke about on the TED stage. You may watch the talk below (or on I’d be grateful for your support on Kickstarter.

Thank you,

Mohammad Modarres

It’s 2001. I’m in 6th grade and my Iranian-American Muslim family moves to Chelsea Street in Paramus, NJ. We share this road with a Chinese Christian Pastor, several reformed Jews, an Orthodox Rabbi, and Pakistani Sunni Muslim doctors.

Basketball is how I’m introduced to my neighbors. Driveway pickup games led to exchanging home-cooked meals during Ramadan and holiday cards during Passover and Christmas. Life on Chelsea Street humanized who we were to each other so that when 9/11 happened that fall we all still saw the best in people. …


Mohammad Modarres

TED Resident | @AbesEats Founder | Proud owner of a rusty ‘79 VW Bus

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