A lost generation for Love

Love has become meaningless nowadays. Replaceable.

The concept of unconditional love incomprehensible.

A cycle. It has become weak love.

Loving someone with their imperfections and weaknesses,

accepting them,

and working on it with them..

Not seen. It has become foreign.

Something not working? Move on.

Just ended things? Rebound.

What a rebound does is temporarily distract you from the pain, causing that aching pain to become mild.

But to the other person on the other end who is entering their process of healing, it causes questions to arise. Questions of worth.

Not so, questioning their own self-worth.

But rather, where was I not ‘enough’?

Everyone, including other external sources and activities validate your worth, telling you you’re this and you’re that.

But in reality you will feel that self-worth missing.


And you know why?

Because despite knowing your worth, you put all your energy into something, someone, because you felt their worth.

You showed that person not solely through words, but your actions, they were worth it.

And that person, not told you, but showed you you were not.

But stop right there.

At that exact moment, stop your thinking process.

Stop your internalizing.

And actually believe something from within.

It is not that you were not enough, you were too much.

You beautiful soul.

You aching soul.

Sometimes you will never know why you were not given the appropriate respect and value to be moved on so quickly from.

Unanswered questions, unanswered motives. Unresolved patches.

They will all remain on the -un end

And this isn’t always in the form of romantic love, but also in the form of your friendships and family.

When effort is mutual in your relationships, one can say, now that is a healthy sort of love.

You don’t have to make extra effort for someone to stay in your life.

If they want to, they will.

We are grown adults. We now know the difference between right and wrong.

When these special people in your life are able to call you out, challenge you, and push you towards growth and the best version of yourself, now that is something genuine.

now that is a blessing.