If each one of us knew how to empathize, this world would be a sweeter, more warmer place to live in.

Empathy is an emotion that is often confused with sympathy. When there is a stark difference.

What is true empathy?

Sympathizing can occur while you are detached, with a hint of impartial attitude from actually feeling the true emotion of another.

However, that is not the case with empathizing.

Empathizing puts the person who is attempting to empathize with another in an almost similar vulnerable position, because they are opening up and attempting to let that exact same emotion seep into their hearts.

The world, our interactions with one another, our romantic relationships, our friendships would all be so much more genuine and heart-felt, with no room for ego if we learned how to empathize. Just empathize.

Because with empathy, comes more understanding. A more mature sort of understanding that is selfless enough to place another’s situation before our own.

Empathy comes in the form of shared emotions, shared situations, and ultimately a shared distress.

While sometimes sympathizing words might convey your pity, it sometimes isn’t what an individual needs. Sometimes just the mere presence of another with no words has a more powerful silence. Why?

Because the energy itself shows empathy through compassion.