‘Surrounded by Your Grace’

As long as I can remember I have prayed. 
When people have told me to quit praying for something, 
I have not listened. 
I followed my heart, and I continued praying. 
I’ve prayed since I was a little kid, 
Whether it was uttering the words “Bismillah” under my breath before an exam, or frantically making a bargain with God, “if you give me an A on this, I’ll quit doing ___” 
My form of making pleas with him turned into making bargains. 
“If you give me __, I’ll stop doing ___”. 
There were times my prayers weren’t granted, and times (surprisingly) they were. 
Regardless of the size of my prayer, I was always left astonished.

The last prayer that left a momentous impact in my life happened just recently, a couple months ago. 
It was a period in my life, where I remember I finally learned how to pray.
I truly believe God wills for something to happen, how it should, when it should. That that is His process. 
But this was a prayer granted that left me truly in awe and speechless.

I had felt the power of a Higher Existence;
that He is always listening…

I won’t go into detail about what my prayer was, but I will describe to you how I attained what I did. 
Now, this is not to be taken as a code breaker — 
The Princeton Review: The Guide to Cracking God’s Process of Accepting Prayer’s. 
This is far from that. When read, it may even seem to be common sense. 
I’m just explaining my experience for how I changed my way of praying, and what came from it.

So last summer was a devastating one. Something that was dear to me, God willed for it not to be mine any longer. 
Mental anguish seeped through me slowly at first, and then in an overwhelming rush. 
Everything seemed to be cascading downwards. 
I was far from feeling the power of gratitude. 
I tried again and again, but the feeling of it was distant. 
I reacted as any person would when they are disappointed — 
I turned to God. 
So I started my cycle of praying, wailing, yelling, pleading, 
and making those bargains again. 
And this time I was serious about them.

Then, I realized after a talk with two close friends, 
The key ingredients to prayer. 
I was being pessimistic, and that was the problem. 
I was praying with a disheartened mind. 
With words that expressed that I didn’t believe in myself, nor Him.

I was praying, but they were empty prayers.

(and that can mean something different for you)
They lacked passion and trust,
and had more doubt and hesitation. 
And those were my cripples.
I had to free my mind from them.
It all starts from your thoughts. 
Your thoughts hold great power, for they are the first part in your process.

I started doing research on my own, and combined the two topics of quantum physics and something that is wired with your mentality
Things escalated and deescalated as far as my situation goes. 
It would get worst, better, and then back to worst. 
However, one thing I kept very constant between my tears and joys was — 
the consistency at which I made my prayer. 
And that is when I realized

Your prayers manifest themselves in the form of energy you give to them.

Now what does that mean? It means we cannot deny the truth for how it is in front of us. 
All that we are certain of is what we are in tune with, 
and that is the reality of what is in our control.
A basic truth that everything is made of matter, including ourselves. 
By that I mean our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 
We are energy.
And one thing is certain from what we learned in high school physics —

Energy is neither created, nor destroyed.

So what does physics have to do with prayer?

Positive and negative energy.

My best friend always says, “You have to pray with positivity.” 
And I finally interpreted that for what made sense to me. 
That you have to accept the truth that energies are real, and that they are all around us. 
So therefore, this began to play into the way I prayed;
and how I changed the wording of what I was praying for.
To one encompassing more positive thoughts and words.

I had been praying wrong. 
You cannot make bargains with God, or pleas. 
You have to believe that what you are asking for (which only works if you are asking for something good); 
God will accept.
You have to pray with faith that He will accept. 
And that is harder done, than said. 
For what is in your present can be showing you one thing; 
but your belief has to be strong enough that you are deserving of how you envision your prayer to be manifested in your future.

That with positive persistence it will manifest into your reality.

Another thing — your prayer might, and probably will not be answered instantaneously. 
The problem with our millennial generation is we are used to now
So therefore, you have to change your gears and understand that this is not social media, where you are instantly gratified with likes on a new post. 
Or fast food, where your food is given through a drive thru in less than 5 minutes.

But rather,

This is a whole process of the Universe. 
And you must learn to trust the Universe.

That with positivity, no matter how hard it is to achieve and get out of the rut we are in, 
the Universe will always be on your side. 
My prayer was accepted after a whole 6 months, after I began to understand how to pray. 
I learned I could not go to God in that disappointed state, 
with a mentality that what was not mine now, would never be
It took months before I started to believe —

God is always on my side.

The way I did it:

Below is the journal entry I wrote when I began understanding the power of shifting your energy to positivity before you pray.

The hymn in the link helped put my mind in a tranquil state to shift my energy before I prayed:

Next, I disconnected from all devices.

I put my full focus on what I wanted, 
and gathering positive thoughts and inner energy for it to manifest into my reality. 
I gave my prayer selective attention.
(Trust me, turning down background thoughts and noise is hard.. but everyone has their separate ways. And that is something for you to figure out.)
I said my prayer without ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’; but rather with more assertive and definite rhetoric. 
I would even envision the problem and how I wished for it to be solved before being revealed into my life.

Think positively because your thoughts seep into your unconscious to become your Beliefs.

Hold positive beliefs because they delve deeper than your unconscious into your soul.

Those beliefs then become ingrained as a part of your existence.

Then those beliefs ravel around other parts of your being to come face-to-face with your conscious reality.

Oneness with yourself and your Beliefs.

Those beliefs should then become your Faith.

Faith that one day, whatever your positive beliefs are, prayers are, will one day become a reality.

If it is something good, God, the Universe, will all work in union and synchronicity to bring your positive prayers to reality.

But in order for God to affirm these Beliefs by granting and accepting your positive prayers,

You must first believe them from your internal being foremost.

So back to when your Beliefs come face-to-face with your reality. Your conscious mind.

This is where you hold the most power.

This is where your Thoughts in the form of your Beliefs can be voiced.



Through your words.

Think positive thoughts → Hold positive beliefs → Spread positivity within your soul → Speak positive words and thoughts with the Belief that is they are indeed good then God will accept them.

Watch your words and thoughts, for they are equivalent to existing.

Why do we say “God forbid” after we speak something that we don’t want happening?

Because it was negative. Because words have the power to become a reality and your existence.

That is why if you don’t think negatively, you won’t speak or have any negativity come into existence.

That is a power that is in your control.