Steps involved in International Adoption

International adoption is a legal process in which a couple adopts a child belongs to other country to become a permanent parent(s). Several organizations and agencies are working across the globe towards giving a better family to the orphans and abandoned children. Before starting the adoption journey, there are several things that a couple or adoption family needs to know. Let’s take a look at the approach for international adoption.

Choose an Adoption Agency
The first step involved in inter-country adoption is to choose the right adoption agency. Every agency has their approach so it is better to choose one which can provide you the best assistance in adoption.

Proper & Clear Communication
Talk to your agency, which country program can suit you the best as every country has its eligibility guidelines and applicants have to fulfill those required criteria. Get each and every detail about the child who are you going to adopt whether it is age, gender, and needs.

Request an Application
Apply for international adoption, whether on paper or online. Once your application is received you will get all the details regarding adoption to take the process further. Usually, this step involves paperwork regarding adoption and filing an immigration request.

Receive the Call
Regarding your adoption application, the agency will let you know if they find any match with any child. You can get the details of him/her through photos, medical updates and more. After getting the time duration from the agency, you have to stay alert to receive the call.

Meet Your Child
Once you are done with legal steps and immigration process, you can meet your son or daughter. You can take him/her home with you to bond together as a family.

Complete Post-Adoption Requirements
When you reach your home, social worker of the agency will help you out in completing post-adoption requirements.

Stay in Touch for Long-time Support
Adoptive families should have to remain in touch with the agencies after adoption so that they could get the support as and when required because adoption is a lifelong journey.

In the End
Above mentioned points depicts the basic steps involved in international adoption. However, it may vary from agency to agency with their procedure of application. If you are willing to adopt a child, then these points may prove beneficial for you.