Do we need melee takedowns in PUBG?

Earlier today, PlayerUnknown — aka, the man behind the Battle Royale — tweeted out footage of a MOCAP recording for a machete takedown that could soon make its way into PUBG.

In the first clip, they talk about the different ways to do it: it would definitely be a two-shot kill, but do they have the victim fall to their knees on first hit, or have them stumble, and where does the machete slice through for the killing blow?

Eventually, they decided on the perfect machete takedown, and a follow-up tweet showed the outcome.

I like that they’re getting more animations into the game to make things feel a bit better and make kills more satisfying; I think that’ll satisfy the average player from an aesthetic point of view. More serious players, however, might not want to pull off those finishing moves — especially during solo queues or if you’re down a player.

Why? Because it’ll take longer to do that fun animation than it would to straight-up clobber someone.

Take a look at how long that video is: five seconds. A killing blow on someone will almost definitely be a locked-in animation where you won’t be able to move or even cancel the action once it starts. That means, for five seconds, you’re a sitting duck. If someone else is around — or you’re in a 1v2 scenario — your chances of surviving become less so because of that animation. Sure, it looks cool, but is it worth your life?

There are ways around this, of course, but each of them are a double-edged sword:

Have the killer be invincible but locked into the animation during a takedown: That would help encourage the new animations being used, but also would really suck for the victims and their partners. If you’re going to do a takedown animation, I want the chance to save my partner from certain death just before the killing blow is made. For example: say we’re looting a building, and my buddy is in the next room. They call for help and I show up just as that first blow of the two-part takedown connects. I have time in between the first and second blow of the takedown to give the would-be killer a nice shotgun round to the face; I should be rewarded for quick thinking on that. I don’t think the killer being invincible during a takedown would work, especially for a game like PUBG, where it’s commonplace to be brutally punished for small mistakes in key situations.

Have the takedown be cancelable midway through and the killer not invincible: This one might be a solution, but it would be buggy at best to start and could possibly be abused by the killer. If this does happen, then the takedown would have a two-part system in terms of applying damage: the first hit knocks out the player while the second kills them in duo’s or fives, while solo’s have the victim’s health go down to one HP on first hit or something similar if they don’t get finished off for whatever reason. This would reward the killer for taking the risk in duo’s or fives, as it would make the other player a quick kill for their teammates, but solo queue would be a bit tricker, as no one can follow up the kill besides an enemy. Killers might be able to abuse this in duo’s or fives because the killer could bait the team to come in using the takedown, only to be fully prepared to cancel the kill and take out the other players and then go back for the original victim.

Have the takedown be optional, killer vulnerable but can cancel the takedown and award extra coins at the end for completing the takedowns: I think this might be the best option. If you like the style and want the extra coins for new clothing, then it’s on you to both finish the job and be aware of your surroundings enough for you to know if you have the time to finish the job. It could be awarded as a “Takedown Kill” at the end of the match, and you’ll get a 1.5x multiplier for the usual coins that you get. Takedown Kills could also become more valuable as the game goes on; you’ll get more coins for Takedown Kill-ing a top 10 player than you would right off the bat at the start of the game.

In conclusion: I like the idea, and I think it’s cool, but I would want some sort of incentive to use the animations and, of course, for the animations to be optional. I would prefer a quick kill over a cool-looking one.

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