Thoughts On: PUBG clarifies patch cycles, leaderboards and next Monthly Patch date

The PUBG twitter put out a PSA on the difference between the weekly and monthly patch cycles, as well as revealed the dates for the next Monthly Patch and when leaderboards will be wiped.

The PUBG twitter took a moment this morning to clearly define their patch cycles and what each is aiming to do. In short, weekly updates are “for critical bug fixes & improving anti-cheat system[s]” while monthly updates are for the larger-scale projects, like “client improvements, server performance & new content.”

May’s Monthly Patch will drop on the 25th and focus on client performance, while next month’s could be the update the community’s been waiting for, making improvements to the servers and reduce lag.

Source: @PUBATTLEGROUNDS, the official PUBG twitter.

Another important part of the thread: the leaderboards, while not particularly accurate at the moment, will have a fresh start on June 1, when the new leaderboards go live. You’ll be able to access earlier stats by June 15.

This is a literal fresh start to ring in the summer, where competition is bound to heat up thanks to the summer breaks for many students. With the next two patches being specified now, the summer could turn out to be what gives PUBG the edge over their competitors: if PUBG addresses their server lag — especially the lag initially received at the start of a game — it’ll almost definitely solidify it’s place as the top Battle Royale (BR) of the summer before the summer even really starts.

Lag is the number one reason why people stop playing a BR; it’s not a fun time if you’re losing due to situations outside of your control, especially in this no-respawn, winner-take-all genre. This is where H1Z1 saw a lot of issues: the lag was bad enough that it made some situations impossible to win. PUBG has had less of a hard time with that, but there are still those situations persisting during traffic-heavy times like Friday or Saturday nights. If that problem is suddenly gone and the game runs as smooth as your typical FPS, they’ll hit the jackpot and propel their game into being the top dog of BR’s.

Given PUBG’s track record in their patches and their community ties, it seems like they could be the one to do it. They’ve stressed a slow-and-steady pace in improving their game instead of focusing on aesthetics and non-critical aspects of their title. They seem to be more in-touch with their community than most other developers, and they’ve definitely heard the concerns over PUBG’s lackluster server performance during popular times of the day to play.

I have high hopes for PUBG to excel where past BR’s faltered. I think they’ll be the ones to figure out the lag problem, which will bring PUBG to the forefront of BR esports. My only concern is that they figure it out too late and lose enough of the community to the lag, but the news of the next two month’s updates will be enough to hold people over until the patches are released.

It’s what happens in those two patches that’ll decide the community’s investment in the game.

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