Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

A beautiful weekend in Minnesota! I got a bill for an urgent care visit I had last month. I was in the clinic for maybe 20 minutes and the bill is $528. I had no tests run, and probably saw a doctor for <10 minutes. Uuugh.

Friday: Groceries were ($75) as predicted, and my husband bought the wig portion of my Halloween costume and picked out his. He was taking a break from his diet, so we went to Chili’s ($34) and then went home and watched Frankenhooker. I highly recommend it.

Saturday: We cleaned out the shed (so much more room!) and did some yard work along with some other chores including ordering more contacts ($127). Then I went to BWW’s to watch the Cubbies win the 2nd game of their series ($29) and got filled up on the way home ($39).

Sunday: We spent the day hanging around waiting for our friends to come over and when they did we grabbed coffee (they paid) and visited a couple of breweries (my husband paid) and had dinner (they paid). I felt very spoiled and it was lovely to see them.

Estimated: $205

Actual: $304 (I did not account for needing contacts).

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