Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Happy Thanksgiving (week) everyone! I am thankful for my husband, our awesome friends and the opportunity to keep up with all of you ‘folders.

Friday: I took my husband to a really tasty dinner at a place I’d only ever been for drinks before ($36) and then we went to the comedy show I’d already bought tickets for and it was great! Cool atmosphere and 2/3 acts were pretty funny. The middle one I just wanted to hug. Like, I realize all comics probably need a hug, but the middle guy in particular. Magic always feels like a last resort and he pulled it out. ($14) for drinks.

Saturday: I ran some errands and managed to over-spend my grocery estimate by $90 ($163). I did end up bringing multiple appetizers to Friendsgiving that included a big ol’ cheese tray and I made a super-meat pasta sauce for pot-luck, but still. I’m ridiculous. I grabbed coffee on my way to the party ($6) and had a great time.

Sunday: Went to church and stopped for gas on the way ($34). I made a ($10) donation because I forgot to get more cash. Then I did laundry ($21) and left with my clothes still sort of damp because I didn’t have enough quarters/cash (sensing a pattern?) Dinner/TV to round out the week.

Estimated: $300

Actual: $284 (I meant to give more at church!)