Monday Check-In
Mike Dang

Holiday week! Love it!

Friday: I was incredibly cranky after a last minute, late in the day meeting at work so I skipped the gym and went directly to bed. A 4 hour nap from 6–10 pm on a Friday night is incredibly stupid for me. I was too tired to do anything, but too awake to sleep any more. I watched a lot of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Saturday: I’ve never waited in a parking lot for a liquor store to open (both a good thing and fairly surprising for me) but I did today! 8:00 am and there were probably 20 other people waiting too. That place gets crazy. ($54) for gift booze and ($96) for gifts and groceries at the Trader Joe’s next door. I made a few other stops for more gifts and groceries ($120) and then headed to the gym for a Christmas-themed Zumba class. (Just listen to ‘12 Ghetto Days of Christmas’ by Quad City DJz & 69 Boyz and TRY not to dance!) My company Christmas party was that night and it was super fun. I won a meat-smoker in the prize drawing and busted out a pretty good version (ifidosaysomyself) version of Ice, Ice Baby for karaoke. Also learned that for some reason my boss knows all the words (seriously, all of them) to the Humpty Dance. ($30) for extra drinks and unnecessary cigarettes, but (+$250) for our cash bonus.

Sunday: A bit of cooking (I should have done some Christmas baking instead) and then off to a new Italian place where we had free tickets for lunch. It was delicious and my husband picked up the tab for drinks. Then we went to see SW:TFA which was SO GOOD ($30). We were delighted. A quick trip to Barnes and Noble for some more of my mom’s gift ($32) and then it was home to wrap wrap wrap!

Estimated: $220

Actual: $362 but with Xmas bonus factored in $112!

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