Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

How I’ve missed you Friday estimate!

Tonight my husband and I are going to the movies. Trying to decide between The Revenant, Hateful 8 and Sicario. Opinions are welcome! We have gift cards so cost should be minimal if we get snacks ($15). We’ll also probably need to eat somewhere ($35).

Tomorrow I am getting my hair trimmed. I have no idea what it will cost since I’m going to a salon school I’ve never been to before ($30?), then I’ll be doing a little fun shopping ($40) and getting fro-yo with a birthday friend ($10). I also need groceries for the week ($80) and will probably grab something from Redbox ($5). I also need to go back to the gym. Are the “resolutionists” gone yet?

Sunday I plan to not leave the house and continue binge-watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix and do the usual house cooking and cleaning stuff.

Estimate: $215

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