Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I had an even lower key weekend than I imagined…

Friday evening I did go with my husband to Up-Down, the barcade for his co-worker’s birthday. The concept is interesting, and it was great people/fashion watching, but it was so crowded that I nearly had a panic attack. I was the sober cab, and Mr. MoJo gets even more selfish than usual when he’s drinking, so he was all “suck it up, buttercup.” (#billfoldlivejournal) Since I drove I didn’t spend any money, but I had bought dinner for us prior to going out ($16).

Saturday we slept in super late and didn’t even have lunch until 3:30 ($25), then I went to the grocery store and spent way more than I thought I would ($128). I also ordered a new hand-held vacuum ($26) and my uncle’s birthday present ($55). Most of the evening I spent making earrings, eating cheese and watching movies.

Sunday I did some chores and cooking, read a bunch, got my butt kicked in a couple of board games and actually watched a horror movie that sort of freaked me out when I was trying to go to sleep. (This is rare and exciting! It was the Easter installment of the Holidays horror anthology if you’re interested — streaming on Netflix.)

Estimated: $190

Actual: $250 (and I didn’t even have that much fun.) Boo.