Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I over spent my estimate but what else is new.

Friday: Grocery shopping. Spent $34 more than my estimate because my husband came along. Does this happen to anyone else? ($134). Went home, watched Sleepaway Camp II.

Saturday: Slept in, made goodies for Halloween parties, went to an awesome burger place that was way closer to my house than I thought it was (husband paid) and got ready to go out. We were running 30 minutes behind so we skipped the first party and got pizza instead ($12) and then headed out of the evening. A great time was had, my husband won the award for scariest costume and I got plastered.

Sunday: Slept through my hangover, made brunch, retrieved husbands car, made dinner and carrot-cake cupcakes and watched the first 3 episodes of Westworld. An excellent end of a fun weekend!

Estimated: $100

Actual: $146

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