Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m working on Monday, so just estimating through Sunday.

Tonight: Grocery shopping at Aldi and then doing a price comparison vs. Amazon Prime. Husband thinks I should stop going to the grocery store (because he doesn’t want to go anymore and sometimes I make him to help me carry things) and I don’t disagree. So, we’ll see what the comparison looks like. ($100).

Tomorrow: Heading to Wisconsin to attend my besties graduation party (her Masters in psychology). I’m excited to see all my favorite girls and have lunch with a long-lost friend who is taking my treadmill off my hands and buying me sushi in return. ($15 for road snacks/$20 for beer/$50 for graduation money/$20 for pizza money just in case.)

Sunday: I would guess there will be brunch of some sort with our hosts and then back on the road to head home. ($40 for brunch/$40 for gas/$15 for coffee/snacks). Food prep for the week. Laundry. A nap (Who am I kidding? There is no time for that!)

Estimated: $300

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