Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

It was such a fun, love-filled, unexpectedly amazing weekend! I am starting Monday with a heart full of warm-fuzzies. (I wonder how long work will take to knock THAT out of me.)

Friday I rented a couple of movies ($5) and picked up some odds and ends at the grocery store ($23). Saturday I met a dear friend for brunch and just reveled in how truly insightful and achingly brilliant he is. How he’s put up with me for the past 10 years I’ll never understand ($5).

I did the weekly grocery shop ($91 + $20 for beer) and had a late lunch with my husband ($33) before we headed over to a new couple-friend’s house for dinner. There we laughed and laughed and played games (Utter Nonsense is hilarious!) and just had such an awesome time. I really hope they like us because they are super great.

Yesterday I did the usual chores, helped a friend move, did a Skype session with my bestie in London and enjoyed a really good slow-cooker stew while reading the first 3 chapters of the new friend’s first novel. (She’s A WONDERFUL writer.)

Estimated: $105

Actual: $177

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