Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This week has been 3 weeks long I swear. Happy weekend.

Tonight: Beer, snack and food purchases for my besties bachelor party that I’m hosting tomorrow and a few groceries to get me through the weekend ($75).

Tomorrow: Bachelor party! The plan is to go karting (but that will depend on their schedule, which they told me I couldn’t call on until today since I don’t have enough people in the party to make a reservation), then to a brew-pub, then a barcade, then back to my house for games and more food/drinks. (I know that this bachelor party is lacking strippers. This is NOT my decision as I quite love exotic dancers, but the bachelor said no in no uncertain terms.) I would imagine I’ll be footing the bill for all of his activities/food and at least some of his drinks as well as my own and maybe my husbands ($200).

Sunday: Depending on the status of my hang-over we may go to brunch ($20) or I’ll cook. Then I’ll proceed to lay around the house and hopefully do very little.

Estimated: $300

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