Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

We came in 6th in trivia, but did win a pitcher of beer for having the best team name (which was Servers Please — an inside joke at that restaurant).

Friday: Nothing! We stayed in an “studied” for trivia and played way too many rounds of this typing game.

Saturday: I ran all the errands in the morning; picked up groomsmaid dress from the tailor ($62), stopped by Target for makeup ($23), picked up glasses that I don’t actually like, and birthday gifts for my bestie ($18), and smelly things at B&B Works,($36), and groceries ($81) all before noon! Went to trivia, didn’t win, bought fancy popcorn at the popcorn store ($11) and liquor ($52) and then played a 4.5 hour game of Dead of Winter. Bought pizza and wings for the crew at my house ($53) and watched Muppets Most Wanted which was awful.

Sunday: Filled up on gas ($40) and went to brunch ($18) which wasn’t very tasty, but the waitress was awesome and the coffee was SO GOOD. Did a lot of cooking and baking and laundry. Finished the first season of Penny Dreadful also SO GOOD.

Estimated: $253

Actual: $394 (sheesh — Saturday evening killed this estimate. But fall/pumpkin booze is on the shelf and we can’t say no to that at my house.)

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