Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Yay weekend-times!

Tonight: One of my dearest friends is in town (do I get to say that since this is the first time I’ve seen her in 3 years? Maybe not. I’m not much of a long-distance traveler and she travels all the time for work so we just haven’t connected) and we’re getting together at another friends house for dinner. $0 for me since I’m in charge of bringing booze and I’m always well-stocked on that.

Saturday: I want to go to a bosu ball class at the gym. I hope I can talk my husband in to going too. If we don’t start going to the gym way more I’m going to cancel our membership. I’m tired of paying the bill and us only going once a week. Lunch ($30), Suicide Squad ($30) and groceries ($75) are also on the agenda.

Sunday: Indo-row class (it’s really early, so we’ll see. Has anyone ever done this?) and then brunch with my girl before she departs for home ($25). I’d like to get a haircut since it’s been 16 months since my last one ($35 with tip). Cooking/baking/chores and lawn mowing.

Edited to include picking up my altered bridesmaid dress for my BF’s wedding in October ($70 — would you tip on this? I’m just getting it hemmed by a couple of inches.) and the estimated total: $265.

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