Healing with Flower Power

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Aug 3, 2016 · 4 min read

by, Elizabeth Piren

“It is the work of harmonization of emotions that allows for elevation of consciousness, when working in unison, for a better life.” -Bachmann, Fabian

At times, I find myself obsessing about all of the things I need and would like to get done, but in the end I am mostly just stressed out. Living in Washington, DC has only reflected my perfectionist tendencies due to the fact that I am surrounded by go-getters who are also highly determined, well-educated, motivated and very successful workaholics.

It is a mix of pride and contentment, but at the same time frustration when all of the things feel like too much to handle. As somebody who loves learning, making self-improvements, and sharing results with others, it thrills me to strive toward the next goal or accomplishment. But frustration occurs when I overthink, overbook, or am overwhelmed. At that point, I ultimately crave a break from all of the things on my plate; so, the joy and contentment that slowly dissipated can be restored.

Fortunately, I am a Flower Essence Facilitator who has learned what to use to help lower levels of anxiety and improve sleep. Two flower essences that I have found useful are the White Ox Foot and Delight, since both of these help to bring more ease, a sense of being in the moment, and flexibility to get things done.

White Ox Foot lowers that great sense of responsibility, for those who feel they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, and those who experience intolerance for inefficiency. It lowers the obsessive and fixated thought, such as going over a checklist. Sometimes this is linked to tightness in the stomach, and digestion problems, due to the tendency to want to control repetitive thoughts. It also allows for inner peace, relaxation, living in the here and now and letting go of those things that are not so important. It does not block our ability to strive and make accomplishments, but rather allows for a more smoother ride, with less anxieties and pressure.

Delight allows for more joy, connection to feminine energy, detachment from wanting others to be like you (not understanding when they don’t), room for appreciation of simplicity, resentment reduction, and a sounder sleep.

The essences I prefer are Karen Ryberg and Fabian Bachmann’s Flower Essences of Misiones, Argentina. They currently create 104 essences, some flowers are native to the Misiones rainforest of Argentina while others are common to many other parts of the world.

Another remedy targeted toward anxiety is the Sound Sleep Formula. This is a formula designed to assist in sleep, lowering levels of restlessness and excitement, decreasing fear or night anxieties and allowing one to enter a state of REM sleep. When I am more rested, anxiety is decreased, allowing for a better sense of purpose and feeling prepared for the day.

Flower essences are simply diffused in water and then taken orally, approximately 16 drops on the tongue per day. They are very subtle and are not harmful or addictive in any way. Flower essences are 100% natural, and allow for harmonization of the mind, body and spirit when ingested. They also can be prepared in lotions or room sprays and diffusers.

I enjoy how the flower essences actually help us to process our emotions, and do not block or stop our experiences from happening. Rather, they assist us in our process of being and healing.

Instead of pushing through and ignoring challenges and difficulties, I have found it helpful to seek natural resources in order to support me in this journey of life. Flower essences have been useful during many difficult transitions of my life. From starting a new career path to grieving a loss, from family/relationship conflict to bodily and hormonal changes, flower essences have always seemed to help.

It is a blessing to have nature’s remedies at our disposal. I’ve definitely benefited greatly from taking the Flower Essences of Misiones. During times of great stress, worry, and pushing into overdrive, White Ox Foot and Delight have certainly come in handy. Even though states of worry and anxiety are natural, it is helpful to know that these essences can provide some support.

Elizabeth Piren is a Holistic Therapist who dedicates her life to helping people heal on levels of mind, body and spirit. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and also uses other alternative modalities such as Reiki, and Systemic Constellations. Elizabeth works as a facilitator and translator for the Flower Essences of Misiones. She has been trained to prepare flower essence formulas and translated their manual on the 100 plus essences from Spanish to English.

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