A wise word from Danielle Morrill.

Recently, I have found revelation in the writings of the acclaimed Co-founder of Mattermark, Danielle Morrill, reading everything that i can lay my hands on, yet I would say that I have only covered 2%(the woman writes a lot. lol).

But anyways, reading about this woman and her journey has inspired me so much! So I thought to share one of the very very inspiring things I've learnt from her:

she said if you're looking to start something, no matter what that is “ Just do something small…. Not sure how to write a love letter, try just sending “I’m thinking of you”. It’s more important that it exists, than that it’s perfect… we can work on perfect later, but you can’t iterate until the first move is made. So get that first piece of something out there, and keep it really small.”

I thought that was absolutely amazing!!! And I can proudly say that I’m already following Danielle’s advise by writing this post, because for a while now, I've been looking to write a post, but its just been seeming very overwhelming. But knowing that “it’s more important it exists and it doesn't have to be perfect,”, I've been able to put this out there.

Danielle’s advice has also helped us make more sales calls, visit prospects more, and take more baby steps instead of just waiting around to grow giant legs… because now I know “you can’t iterate until the first move is made”.

This principle is already helping me in every area of my life, I hope it helps you too.

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