3 tips to organize your days

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4 min readFeb 9, 2023


Tips to help you organize your days with lists and time boxing using Moleskine Journey and Moleskine Balance.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by everything you had to do or should have done (but haven’t done)?

Here are my 3 tips for planning your days in advance or on the go to start doing everything you have to.

1. Choose a productivity technique or method which is suitable for you

I am a procrastinator by nature, so I am always searching for the perfect technique or method to help me stop procrastinating.

I have noticed that if I organize my days by time blocks, I know in advance what I have to do and at what time so that I can focus on one thing at once, and I feel less overwhelmed and more encouraged to finish one task before going on with the next one. There are a lot of techniques to improve your productivity, such as the Bullet Journal method, the Pomodoro technique, and so on. You just have to try them and find the one that suits you better.

As I said, time blocking is the method I use when I have a lot of tasks, and you can implement it in Moleskine Balance, which is our app focused explicitly on time blocking.

Moleskine Balance on iPhone

Another way you can write down everything you have to do is with lists. I use this method when I have fewer tasks.

You can create your lists (even divided by area) in Moleskine Journey.

Moleskine Journey for iPhone and iPad

2. Divide tasks by area

Another tip to be more productive is to divide tasks by area.

I usually divide them according to their “nature”. This means that I have a task list for the time of day when I am at the computer and I try to complete all the tasks I have to do on the computer at that time.

Then, I move to the next area: I film some videos, I do the chores and so on.

I also use color coding: I code by color each area of my day (e.g. work is blue, personal is purple, and so on), so I immediately recognise the area each task that I have to complete belongs to.

Both Moleskine Journey and Balance use color coding, so you can divide your day into colors/categories and immediately know which tasks you have to complete when you are, for instance at the computer.

Moleskine Balance for iPhone (create category and match them with a specific color)

3. Be realistic

When you have chosen the technique which is suitable for you and divided tasks by area, start planning your day.

I prefer to do it at night, before going to bed, so I can relax and sleep well since I have cleared my brain from all the tasks that I have to accomplish.

As you organize your day, be realistic. You know how much time you need to complete a certain task, so plan enough time for that and consider some time for breaks that are really important.

In Moleskine Balance is really easy to plan breaks and you can also rate them. If you notice that after breaks your energy has risen, consider taking more breaks to give your brain the time to recover.

Activity rating on Moleskine Balance for iPhone

These are my tips for organizing your days so that you can complete all the things you have to do with less stress.

Do you have more tips? How do you organise your days?

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