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Elevate your journaling experience with Moleskine Journey’s new custom prompt options.

Journaling is a powerful tool for personal reflection, growth, and self-improvement. With Moleskine Journey you can take your journaling to the next level by creating custom journals with personalized daily prompts. And now, with our latest app update, we’re excited to announce the addition of three new custom prompt options: time, location, and counter, each one designed to capture unique aspects of your daily life.

Time Prompt

The time prompt is perfect for users who want to track how they’re using their time throughout the day. With this option, you can express and answer a range of time-based prompts, such as “What time did I wake up?” or “What time did I finish working today?” By recording activity specific times you can gain insight into your daily habits and identify areas for improvement.

Location Prompt

Location-based prompts can help users keep track of where they’ve been throughout the day or week. For example, you can create prompts such as “Where did I go for lunch today?” or “What’s my favorite place I visited today?”. By adding multiple locations in your answer, you can create a log of your movements, and, for instance, if you are a traveler, location prompts will help you preserve memories of the places you’ve been to with photos, videos, and short notes.

Counter Prompt

The counter prompt is ideal for users who want to keep track of specific metrics, such as weight loss, hours of sleep, lists of expenses, water intake, or any other numeric data.

The Counter prompt offers advanced customization options that let you select a unit of measurement, set default values, and choose from three different aggregation typesSum, Average, and Count — that will help you analyze your data and your habits over time. This flexibility ensures that you can track your progress in a way that suits your lifestyle.

With the Counter prompt, you can set up lists of items you wish to keep track of, and record data about them on a regular basis. For example, if you want to keep track of your water intake, you can create a Counter prompt with the unit “ml” and set the aggregation type to “Sum”. Each time you take a sip of water, you can add to the counter and record the amount you consumed for the day.

Moreover, the aggregation function allows you to create meaningful summaries. This is useful for finding patterns over time and making adjustments to your behaviour. The three aggregation types in details are:

  • Sum: it sums the values that you have recorded for each period, you could see how much you have spent in a month or how much water you drank in a week.
  • Average: The average function divides the total by the number of entries, showing you the average over time. For instance, it will show you your average calorie intake in a week.
  • Count: The number of items you’ve added to your list.

Counter prompt examples

The Counter prompt is excellent for monitoring your progress in terms of fitness, health or spending goals.

Weight Tracking
You could keep track of your weight change journey by recording your weight every day, using “kg” or “pounds” as units. In addition, you could analyze your progress by looking at the graph in the stats section of your journal over a month or a year.

Daily expenses
Let’s say you want to keep track of your daily expenses. You could create a Counter prompt with the “USD” or “$” unit and set the default value to zero. Each time you buy something, you can add the amount spent to your Counter. As a result, by the end of the day you can see how much you spent on that day. Additionally, by selecting the “Sum” aggregation, you can view the total amount spent over the month in the Stats section.

Hours of sleep
Another example: if you’re monitoring your sleeping habits, you could record how many hours you slept using a Counter prompt with “hours” as unit. By choosing “Average” as aggregation, you can view how many days you did or did not meet your sleep hours goal over the month.

The Counter prompt feature in Moleskine Journey empowers you to take control of your life by tracking your habits, analyze the progress over time, and make improvements where necessary. Using the aggregations and the stats sections you can have a better understanding of your progress towards your goals.


These new custom prompt options in Moleskine Journey give users even more flexibility to create journals tailored to their preferences and goals. Whether you’re tracking your time, travels, or progress towards a specific goal, these prompts can help you stay motivated and on-track. We’re excited to bring these new options to our users and can’t wait to see how you use them to enhance your journaling experience.

If you need more details or examples on how to use them, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With Moleskine Journey, the possibilities for personal growth and reflection are endless.

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