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Moleskine Journey
4 min readDec 17, 2019


We got big news for you! In May we’ve been acquired by Moleskine (more info here) to bring our product to the next level with the help of a great partner we share values with.

Following the acquisition we worked hard to redesign the service keeping all the features you know and love and adding what you and the other users asked for with your valuable feedback.

Without further ado let us introduce the Edo Agenda successor:

Agenda has been updated to be simpler and more intuitive but still flexible to fit all your needs in terms of personal productivity and life organization.

We aggregated and renamed the main sections of the app making it easier to navigate:

- Planner: the overview of all of your task and events, the place to schedule and plan the execution of your activities

- Projects: aggregates Todo Lists, Projects, and Notes in a single view to make it straightforward to organize your more complex contents

- Floating Tasks / Tasks: one of the favorite features of Edo Agenda, the place where you can rapidly write down activities yet to schedule or organize. It’s just like the post-it notes on your fridge door or your screen frame, but digital.

- My Day: this is the new section many asked for, a place where you can set, check in daily and track over time your goals and your routines.

What’s new: My Day

My Day is the simple tool we think could help you with your self-improvement process, a place where you can easily take note of the little things that happen to you every day and become conscious of how you’re doing and how you’re changing day by day.

We are really proud of “My Day” and we believe it could really improve with your help and feedback.

This is a new phase for us and for the service, in some way a new starting point.

As usual we think that there’s a great value in traveling this Journey together with you and all the other Agenda users.

Please feel free to give us feedback and suggestions at any time, write us using the feedback form in the app and web app or sending us an email at team@edo.io

What changed

A new editor

In order to make these changes we had to modify the way we handle text contents, in fact we decided to remove the text formatting and to maintain only one type of document, equivalent to the Project.

This means that all notes and task lists, pages and projects will be converted. A backup of the original will be kept and you will be able to download it in PDF and HTML format for 6 months.

Let us know if you have any question about this process.

Collections become Tags

Tags are a very powerful organization feature and we decided to move in that direction as it give a huge space to exploit in terms of features and quality of contents organization. Collections will be automatically transformed in tags. We’ll give more information about tags soon, anyway feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Moleskine Journey is the new iteration of Edo Agenda so it will substitute it completely during the first half of 2020.

Design your vision every day

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Moleskine Journey

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