Habits to reduce our impact on the Earth

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6 simple habits to boost sustainability in your daily life

In the last few years, I have gotten closer and closer to wild nature.

My passion for running took me from the familiar streets of Rome to the wildest mountain trails. I have spent so much time in those places, that some have become my home. And I could witness, without a doubt, the scary changes they are enduring.

Year after year, I have seen fields becoming drier, less flourishing and less alive. The thought that I, or the generations after me, will not enjoy these places as I did, really saddens me.

Earth is our home. We must protect her and act accordingly. I strongly believe that small actions done consistently by many can have a giant positive impact.

For this reason, here is a list of actions I take to reduce my impact on Earth, simple rules I try to follow whenever I can. I hope they can inspire you as well!

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1. Avoid the car when possible. Either walk, bike, or take the train.

2. Eat less meat and prefer unwrapped products (or at least those not wrapped in plastics). Fresh vegetables, fruit, and legumes can meet a large part of our body’s needs.

3. Buy less unnecessary goods. I prefer few but very good quality products rather than many cheaper trendy ones.

4. When possible, buy second-hand. Fast fashion comes at an astonishing environmental and social cost. Also, you can find so many incredible deals when you shop for used items.

5. Say no to plastic bottles. Use water bottles instead, and refill them at home or at public fountains.

6. Avoid take-out food or food delivery to avoid unnecessary packaging. Either eat at the cafe/restaurant or prepare your food at home.

Do you already follow any of these habits? Highlight them to let our community know.
What are your little daily actions to help our home planet?
Share them in the comments so that we can inspire other readers with new ideas and reduce our collective impact!

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Use the Earth Day illustration for your activities: just create a new activity and look for them among the illustrations in the image menu

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