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5 min readDec 12, 2022

Interviews about creating positive habits and cultivating happiness

This is the second article of our new column called “Inspire/d”, a series of quick interviews where incredible people share their best strategies to get a good balance between wellness and productivity.

The aim of this series is to create a supportive community where readers can learn new habits to improve their happiness and level of awareness.

We believe that a single happy person can positively impact a group of people, a group of happy people can create a happy community, and a happy community can contribute to a better society. A better society means more well-being for people, all living creatures, and for our planet as a whole.

Let’s start

Introduce yourself!

My name is Scott Fifer and I’m the Founder and CEO of an international nonprofit called GO Campaign that gives opportunities to vulnerable children across the globe. Hobbies include speaking Swahili and flying trapeze (though not at the same time).

What’s your story?

I grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Washington DC and worked in the US Senate, then went to law school in Boston and landed a job at a big Wall Street firm. After 5 years as a NYC lawyer, I moved to Hollywood to pursue a dream of screenwriting. I was lucky enough to win a screenwriting contest from the Academy of Motion Pictures that led to a 10-year career as a TV and film writer. But life had other plans in store for me, and a volunteer vacation to Africa changed my life and led me to my current (and I think final) career in social good and philanthropy.

Can you define yourself as being happy?

This is a timely question for me, because very recently I was wondering what that even meant. The pandemic led me to think about these things in a way I had not before. I was asking friends if they were happy, if so “why,” and if not “why not”. My friend Tony has a dog that wags its tail a lot, and he asked me “If you were a dog, how often would your tail be wagging?” I’ve since gone on a bit of a personal mission with a life coach that we call “Operation Tail Wag” where I am honing in on what makes me happy and defining my ultimate dream life. It’s not enough to be content. Life is too short. The dream is that when you ask me this question again next year, my answer will be a simple and resounding YES.

What is the best habit that has contributed or contributes to your professional success?

I’m good at taking action. If I can accomplish something right away, I like to get it done. And if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I don’t overcomplicate things. I see the end goal and I head straight there as best I can.

What is the best habit that has contributed or contributes to your personal wellbeing and happiness?

I strive to exercise every day and follow a healthy diet. Of course some days I don’t get around to it, and some weeks I get distracted, or lazy, but I never let that go on for too long. Besides the obvious health benefits, it also plays a big part in my social life. It’s so much more fun, and so much easier, when you can exercise with other people. It makes all the difference. I regularly exercise with friends, and if they’re busy, I go find other people exercising and join them — in a yoga class, at the beach, or on the flying trapeze.

How do you keep your motivation consistent over time?

I think my motivation comes from a sort of “inner compass” which keeps me pointed in the direction of “doing the right thing”. And if that means struggling to wake up early to exercise so I can be healthy and fit, or working late into the evening on my computer to get something done so I can help more children around the world, I think I am driven by an inner compass always pointing me in the right direction. Then motivation is not really an issue, it’s just naturally there.

Are you adopting some habits to reduce your environmental impact?

Not enough. I’m good about conserving electricity, and riding my bicycle when I can. And I love to buy things made from recycled materials. But I still own a gas car, I still buy too many things in plastic, and I still eat meat. My inner compass is failing me in these matters, and now you’re giving me pause to rethink “Operation Tail Wag” and see if it can include some things that will bring happiness not only to me, but also to Mother Nature.

What is the best lesson you have learnt so far?

The best lesson is probably to keep learning new lessons. It keeps us young and makes us better humans.

Thank you, Scott!

We really hope that his life approach has inspired you. If you want you can follow Scott on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you feel like it, you can reply to the questions as well: it will help you better understand your own approach to life. And, if you want, you can send us your answers to . We will share the most original with the rest of the community here on our blog.

1. Introduce yourself!

name, age, and (optionally) job role, main interests

2. What’s your story?

how would you summarize your journey in 5 lines

3. Can you define yourself as being happy?

4. What is the best habit that has contributed or contributes to your professional success?

5. What is the best habit that has contributed or contributes to your personal well-being and happiness?

6. How do you keep your motivation consistent over time?

7. Are you adopting some habits to reduce your environmental impact?

8. What is the best lesson you have learned so far?

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