If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

I find this article to be disturbing, to say the least. In some scenarios I think it doesn’t go far enough, and in others too far. It does read to me to be a bit more one-sided than seems feasible. I think that rural areas need urban areas as much as vice versa; I have lived in both urban and rural areas, and I think we are interdependent on each other for goods and services, at the least. When one of my colleagues in a rural area had an accident with a circular saw and cut off most of the fingers of one hand, he didn’t even bother to find them because he knew that by the time he had collected them and driven to the hospital a couple of hours away, nothing could be done. In another rural area, farmers routinely went into the city for health care, including one man who was not yet 40 who went to the city to have 7 bypasses done. There is plenty of drug activity and other violence in rural areas, but we don’t hear as much about it since it’s done under cover of a rural area. When a car full of teenagers in yet another rural area had an accident caused by underage drinking and a car full of deaths (I don’t remember if anyone survived), the parents of those teens went out to the accident site before morning and cleaned it up to maintain both their own and their children’s reputations. I get what you’re saying about disgruntled Trump supporters, but I think what it still may come to, impeachment or not, is an armed revolution or rebellion. As a nation we are too at odds with each other and listening to one another only with our collective fingers plugging our ears. Trump and his ilk are freely gutting budgets and programs that are important to survival of many, many American values and if something is not done to rectify this, I think armed revolution is quite possible. And, for the record, I am not a Trump supporter but I, too, have lost faith in the system.

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