14 Reminders For Anyone Struggling To Move On

  1. You can miss someone, but still not want them back in your life. These ideas are not mutually exclusive.
  2. Not everyone you lose is a loss.
  3. Let’s say you did really mess it all up, and are the reason it came to an end. That’s okay. You get to learn from it.
  4. There are 7.125 billion people on this planet.
  5. Seeking closure is a waste of time. The door is already closed, whether you have the answers you feel like you “need” or not. Stop knocking on it. Move forward.
  6. Let yourself cry and feel like shit. Healing requires pain because that pain lets you know where it is that needs mending. Allow yourself feel. It’s okay to hurt.
  7. They are not the one who got away; they are just one who got away. There is someone else.
  8. There is always someone else.
  9. You are not crazy for missing them, and you are not insane for still wanting them.
  10. Love always comes back.
  11. Don’t feel like you should be over them. There’s no should. It’s just where you’re at, and that’s completely normal and okay.
  12. We have many soulmates. Yes, the person you lost may have been one of them, but they are not your only shot at happiness. They are not your only chance at real love.
  13. One day they will come to mind and you won’t get that sinking feeling that starts in your chest and radiates to your stomach. One day, it’s not going to hurt like this.
  14. No matter how hard today was or how alone you may feel, there’s always tomorrow and you always have yourself.