A Follow up.
Joel Davis

I really appreciate this follow up. Glad you decided to do it. You won’t remember me, but I’ve met you a couple time in CT and at soulfest. My husband and I loved listening to you guys play. Still do. Anyway, I just have one question. You said that you “do not want to belittle the work of Jesus” and I was so glad to read that. I think I understand what you are trying to say a little better now, the last post you had really had me thinking that you were adopting/buying into a philosophy/theology that we do not sin because we are inherently good. I have a couple questions though. Do you believe that because we are not “inherently bad” that we don’t sin? Also, can you see the danger in saying that we are “inherently good”? It can become a point of pride and lack of desire/need to acknowledge Jesus. If we are divine and created in the image of God we may be tempted to elevate ourselves to a position of “righteousness” that we don’t deserve. I can totally see how some Christians can be walking around with their heads hung in shame because of how “bad” we are. I don’t think this is God’s intention for how to walk out our faith. (2 Cor 5:17)-but it says IN CHRIST! We need Jesus! John 15:5. I just believe that we need to take on a balanced view of the God we serve. I would love to have an actual conversation about this in person and not over the computer. I am sure a lot gets lost this way, but it was worth a shot.

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