I Refuse To Stress About School Assignments

Why is that we think that we have to stress about everything? When I re-entered school in 2010, I took off running. I did school assignments during dinner, I had no schedule, I was basically burning the candle at both ends…while I was holding it in my hand.

I tried something different this week. I have an infant, four older children and a husband. Time is not mine. Usually, I would ignore everybody, become super moody and keep explaining that I am trying to do school work. I thought this would work. It didn’t. I felt VERY stressed. I felt the stress in my body, my mind and my spirit.

So last week on the 14th, I started my last semester. I found out that I have three classes running concurrently. That means I have all 3 classes right friggin now!!!! Which means each week, I will have at least 6 assignments, 3 of which will be essays. I have projects for two of the courses that aren’t due now but are supposed to be something I am working on. I started to panic. Then something happened.

I realized that done is better than perfect.

That is my theme for this semester. I write my essays, I proofread, I edit and I submit. I don’t allow myself to make a big deal about everything. That’s just not smart.

I am not an island, my Husband wants to help….and feel supported

Back when I started school, I was doing so with a vengeance. We had no money and stress was at an all-time high and for no reason except that I was doing nothing with my life. I blamed him. So I decided to go to school but with a chip on my shoulder. What happened? Our relationship became strained. He resented my goals because it was about school ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Being a really compassionate person, he saw my stress and asked if he could help and I said, “No, I’m fine.” I wasn’t fine.

So this time around, I explained to him my workload and how I plan to attack it. He willingly sat here for two hours trying to wrestle with our OVER THE TOP infant while I wrapped up my work for last week while we watched Sunday Night Football. All I had to do is include him and let him help. My efforts are for the betterment of our family not just me.

Look what happens when I stop blaming him for my life, making it a point to talk to him about what is going on and letting him help. I feel less stressed and I feel more supported.

They Call. She cries. I Surrender.

Children are needy and bossy. Sometimes because they cannot do things for themselves and sometimes because well, Mommy can do it!

I’m human and the constant want and need for my attention during writing or research is frustrating. My 14 year old still wants my attention and assistance. You think that the, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” stops but it won’t. They just need us. What I used to do with my frustration is to show it. Now, I just surrender the request. After I help them out, I explain that I just need to do this one thing and I will be finish soon. They get it. They are supportive too. Of course my infant is a Monster. No seriously. I have never had a baby this needy. She wants all attention, all the time and RIGHT NOW. So even with her, leave my frustrations at my laptop and I love all over her until she is calm, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, then I get back to it. Yes, she eats up my proposed schedule but when is she going to be 2 months old again?

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