Every day my best time pass is to watch my self.

In that process I see someone I know , someone I love , someone I just don’t know , someone so loving , someone so dangerous and someone I completely hate… All this in me… :)

So many worlds and all in me. Its like finding a new galaxy I feel like a geologist doing Eureka !!! It amazes me… how I can be so all in one… It makes me question my self various times — why we do — what we do ?

Human being is such a wonderful creature on this planet.. As far as our sense of grasping the environment around goes .. There is no other — who is so powerful to know and understand what needs to be done in any circumstances. In my views, that’s the best gift one can have. But , do we do it ? Rarely…

Like we are gifted , we are also cursed with something called inertia .. Every obese knows he needs to exercise , eat healthy — do they ? Every student knows that they need to study regularly — do they ? Every professional knows that x needs to done or boss will screw me — do they ?

It makes me believe that WE are our own enemy. We give ourselves in a platter — we are always aware of consequences but like to take chances hoping it won’t happen. And hope has been the biggest ally and biggest enemy of man kind..

Only thing which can change this is Will and watching ourselves dispassionately ..

We are the captain of our ship and master of our own soul… No one else…