The Cymbal of Longevity

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If I told you that there is a company that has stayed focused since 1623 on the same niche, you would tell me I was crazy.

Zildjian has created cymbals for drums for over four centuries. They have been able to follow the top piece of advice I give my marketing consulting clients all the time.

Focus, Focus, Focus. Narrow your target. Don’t be for everyone. Do one thing amazingly well so people will remark about your brand.

Cymbal of Longevity

Through 14 generations of cymbal makers, the still family-owned Zildjian cymbals trace its origins back to 1618. Zildjian may be the oldest company anywhere.

Avedis was an alchemist who was looking for gold and stumbled upon a metal mixture and process for lathing that gave a musical quality to the metal. The Sultan Osman II gave Avedis the title Zildjian which combines the Turkish words for cymbal (zil), maker (dji) and son of (ian).

For the next 400 years, it focused on this one market segment — making cymbals for musicians. You can read the rest of the story here.

  • Are you trying to sell products or services into too many markets? Pick one and become the expert in that field.
  • Do you offer so many products that your customers get confused and perhaps don’t buy because they can’t choose or you offer too many options? Narrow your selection.
  • Are you doing marketing that is just like everyone else and lacks a human touch that only you would deliver? Find a way to market yourself that is based on you or your team and truly personal and not easy to replicate.

Marketing is a bit of a mystery, and I enjoy unraveling it. In fact, I wrote a book on this topic that you can download for free.

But if you only take away one idea from this short post, think of something you might focus on for the next 400 years, as you serve a specific and distinct customer.

Focus is marketing magic. It always works.

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Photo courtesy of Zildjian