Stay Motivated Starter Pack

There are days when I struggle to find the energy to care about my own goals to become a mass marketor of hope :) — On those days I rely on music, videos, books and success stories to keep my spark going. Check the end of this post for one of each.

Underdog stories can provide a burst of energy. When I read about someone that had absolutely nothing and turned their situation around, simply by not EVER giving up. Makes me shout to myself, “Get your butt to WERK.”

I’m not talking go into the office work. I’m talking long term investments werk, passive income werk, self education werk, savings account werk, A1 credit werk, kid’s college paid in full werk, purposeful living werk, planning to take vacations without worrying about income werk.

Do you want to live for a living or work for a living? I’m trying to live hunny.

Above average goals require above average determination. And you are above average! If you have a stable job, reliable paycheck and roof over your head — chances are you’re satisfied with your life. But, are you living to your full potential. Is that all you want from life? If not, you’ll have to push past your present and plan for progress.

How do you find the energy?

Last weekend, I watched my best friend’s parents stay up way past their bedtime to make sure her 30th birthday party ended safely. They were pulling from their “reserved” energy.

For you, reserved energy is when Superwoman kicks in. You’ve been working overtime, kids have no clean uniforms for school tomorrow, someone is yelling their stomach hurts and you have homework to do. You really want to lock yourself in a closet and pray that someone from State Farm pops in your living room to handle it all. Instead, you buckle down, prioritize and get ISH done.

We have no clue that burst of energy exists until our kid need us. That energy can be used for ourselves also, but we have to see our goals as being worthy of using that additional energy.

What will you use your reserved energy on this weekend?

Stay Motivated Starter Pack

[Video] Why Do We Fall

[Music] Fly — Nicki Minaj

[Book] Strengthsfinder 2.0

[Success Story ] From the Projects to Stylist and Restaurant Owner

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