I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

This kind of one sided and quite frankly uninformed story is irresponsible. There are so many things missing from this story…the most important being why exactly the police officers were called. The video doesn’t show any of that. Secondly, calling the actions in the video “police brutality” or “white supremacy” is in fact untrue and unfair. The police are trying to restrain an individual who is clearly resisting. Not once were there ever 14 police officers taking the man down. Thirdly, is this article actually suggesting that we are supposed to treat people with disabilities differently? Is that now what is acceptable? Cause it use to not be. The author said, the police are especially supposed to be protecting men like this homeless man. Why him especially? Because he’s disabled? It’s certainly not because he pays taxes or is a productive member of society. It certainly isn’t because he’s obeying the laws. I keep hearing someone in the video say “he did nothing wrong!” There is no way for the police to even start to determine that until they can secure their surroundings and everyone there throwing in their 2 cents only escalates the situation making the police officers’ job that harder. And it also takes them longer to secure the area. That man would have been up and off the ground so much faster if he hadn’t resisted and if everyone had walked away. As for him being half naked, that not only is NOT the police officers problem, it’s not their greatest concern. It was said that the police officers were trying to block people from being able to see what they were doing. Maybe they were in fact trying to protect the man who was “half naked”. If he was in pain, maybe he should haven’t resisted. Try complying with offices so that can determine why they were actually called and make an appropriate assessment and decisions. Then he wouldn’t have been in pain and would never had his bottom exposed. Of course, the police weren’t the ones who put the man’s naked butt on the internet for all the world to see. Whose exposing him now?
I’m not saying there aren’t problems in the SFPD. I don’t know if there are or not. I don’t live there. I don’t work there. But I know this video and the describing article are misleading, uninformed and irresponsible. All around bad journalism.

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