Meet Moms Avenue communication and investment engagement advisor Trevor Basserabie

We are happy to work with Investment Management expert Trevor Basserabie. Moms Avenue is the world’s first blockchain-powered, reward-based social entrepreneurship platform designed for women.

Trevor is a dynamic business strategist and innovator with over 25 years of experience in the financial sector. He is a well-known investment manager in the worldwide financial pool of investors ranging from close personal contacts to endowment and pension funds.

His services range from arranging seed, angel, early-stage investments, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity or institutional funding for startups to the full consulting on behalf of the business to secure a fully fledged investment proposal that includes successful ICO’s and IPO’s to ensure the investments are underwritten. Leading negotiations on behalf of startups on investment terms up to and including capital raisings.

His background in investment management, funds raising and negotiations with investors will contribute to the success of the project.

Moms Avenue will unlock the potential of a lot of women in the industry who have great ideas but have been unable to get funding or support for them thus far. Moms Avenue will foster entrepreneurship by employing social network and providing easy access to peers, business partners, customers and role models.

Join Moms Avenue pre-ICO on December, 11th and be part of a global change!

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Thanks and have a nice day!
Moms Avenue Team

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