On All Handgun Sales

Today Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 941, legislation to require criminal background checks on all handgun sales. The law takes effect immediately, and background checks will be required on all transfers — with some exceptions, as outlined in the bill — in 90 days.

“We did it. I wish…

NRA-Backed HB 562 Would Repeal Criminal Background Check Requirement for All Gun Sales

Source: Raleigh News & Observer/Getty Images

For several decades, North Carolina’s background check law has kept guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill. Repealing the state’s background check requirement would allow felons and other dangerous people to evade background checks and arm themselves. …

Granite State Moms applauded her bravery in standing up for the safety of NH citizens, and standing up to the gun lobby‘s extreme agenda.

The New Hampshire chapter of Moms Demand Action lauded Governor Maggie Hassan for declaring that she will veto dangerous gun legislation when it comes to her desk. SB 116 would repeal the permit requirement for carrying concealed, loaded handguns in public in the state.

In her statement on SB 116

guns in Missouri.

Under Missouri law, felons are prohibited from having guns. NRA-endorsed HB 1220 would change Missouri law so that only convictions for “violent felonies” restrict gun ownership.

This list reflects just a few of the types of felony crimes that are not included in that definition.

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