Today, they took my children.
Kristin Diversi

This puts form to my own fears, as I wrote in my blog, “Terror From the Right.” It’s far too real and coming true already even without Comrade Orange Diaper Baby. My husband is an Iranian-American naturalized citizen, who was himself a political refugee thirty years ago. Because he was born in Iran, that country automatically deems his son also an Iranian. And, just because Iran says so, the USA considers my son — who’s never been and likely never will go to Iran — an Iranian-American dual national. Our Congress has already passed legislation dismissing the visa-waiver program with our allies for dual nationals from certain countries which includes Iran (but NOT Saudi Arabia). NAIC and other advocacy and civil rights groups are opposing Visa Waiver Improvement Act of 2015 –H.R.158, which already makes some dual nationals second class citizens; section 3 makes a blanket exclusion of dual nationals from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria or who’s travelled to those countries within the last five years.

H.R.158 has already stopped internationally renowned, Iranian-American comedian, Maz Jobrani’s poor old grandmother from coming to America from the UK. Here’s a link to some other stories of H.R.158’s impact: