Think of the one thing you are most scared of doing. Now pretend that you are not scared of it and do it anyways.

I’ve always, always had the fear of meeting new people. My vibe if you met me in real life would seem like that of a social…

A road with old buildings on either sides
Photo by Milica Spasojevic on Unsplash

One fine morning, a morning that seemed like any other morning, Verity, a 24 year old girl noticed a man in the window of a nearby house that was empty for 33 years.

The house was a very old one that Verity walked by on her way to university every…

Not everyone is bound to live the same life. There are always some designed to live different.

Some will scale mountains, some will die trying.

Some with become famous, some will write stories untold.

Some will create history and some will save someone’s life.

No one has the same life, no one has the same destiny either.

It is different because you are different, I am different, the whole universe is different.

There is nothing to ashamed of your difference as long as you dont harm another human being emotionally or physically.

As long as you live in your own space creating your own miracle, it should be okay I think.

It should be okay, should’nt it?

Pedro Pettigrew found those shoes in the corner of the gym under the bench one random morning.

He was always the first one at the Gym and that day had something strange about it. The sun was not up and yet it felt like it was already shining invisibly somewhere.


I weave realities into fiction and fiction into realities. I also write about random things and people that inspire me.

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