4 Completely Wrong Post-Election Things Democrats Are Fighting About
Nicholas Grossman

This essay is facile; the analysis superficial and largely wrong.

To begin with the last point — at the end — Bernie Sanders is not “far left.” Not in any realistic universe. Certainly he’s no Jeremy Corbyn, and even Corbyn is simply leftwing. The U.S. has no “far left,” and the left it has, newly insurgent, is coming from the base, dominated by millennials.

Second, the author points to terms related to economics or money in HRC’s speeches to conclude she “talked about economics, and gee whiz, she talked about jobs. So what? The electorate didn’t like what they heard or her say, and to the extent she waffled a bit further left during the primary (muttering against TPP) few believed her, nor should they have. When Trump was hustling in the Rust Belt where was she? Why, the Queen of Goldman Sachs Speeches and former board director for Walmart was attending lavish donor dinners.

Third, the author has zero grasp of the parameters of the argument over so-called “identity politics.” Establishment Democrats, and certainly Team Hillary, wield “identity politics” as a weapon; that is, only misogyny can explain all they lack of support for HRC, and women who don’t support her are going to hell (Madeline Albright) and just want to impress their boyfriends (Steinem). We are all “BernieBros.” Ditto the about 1/3 of African-Americans who supported Sanders; somehow female and balck identities get erased when we see Sanders’ over-arching focus on class to be part of the answer.

Fourth, Trump is the most loathed candidate and new president in modern history. No excuse can change the fact that Hillary Clinton could not and did beat DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. The Podesta emails show that Team Hillary actively wanted Trump to be the GOP nominee (the “Pied Piper” strategy) because they knew he was loathed and also “knew” he could be easily beaten). But as hated as Trump was and is, he did and does stand for change; she is the quintessential status quo, even being part of a freakin’ dynasty. She lost to fucking Donald Trump. Internalize what that means.

Populism is surging in the West, not only in the U.S., and proto-fascists are winning, in large part because the viable alternative — left populism as in social democracy — is being oppressed by establishment, pro-corporate liberals. The evidence is strong that Bernie would have won, and insurgent challenges down-ballot done better riding his coattails, had the enthusiasm for him been allowed to work and the turn-out what he almost certainly would have generated had he been the nominee. All primary polling showed him beating Trump more decisively than HRC could; a few polls even showed her losing, which was never the case for Sanders.

The under-35s decidedly do not have a problem with the term “socialism”; it’s not the bogeyman the right successfully made it for decades. Nor are they as far right as the Democratic Party has moved since Reagan set the terms of the political discussion and Clintonism took the Dems to the right. That era is OVER.

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